How to Spark Meaningful Conversations

Nate JoinerRecently I viewed an inspiring video by Kalina Silverman which really resonated with me.  In this video, Kalina discusses her own experience of discovering effective ways to create meaningful  connections with anyone in any place.

I have often struggled with this in my past, and the simple methods that are introduced in this video really hit home with me. As someone who lives to travel and explore as much as possible, I always enjoy the moments and memories that have been made through interactions with the people I meet along the way.

On her website, Kalina describes how to approach strangers, and introduces a list of engaging questions that will prompt more meaningful conversations. She includes three parameters for the type of questions to be asked:

  • Universal – Any human being could answer it. It doesn’t matter what external factors they are defined by.

  • Open ended – Elicits more than just a yes/no response. There is the opportunity to hear a story.

  • Meaningful – Skips the small talk. Through asking the question, you are able to delve beneath the surface.

To me, the most notable point that Kalina made in this video, taken from her own story, was the importance of asking oneself these questions as well. When you truly know who you are, on a deeper level, then the connections you make with those you meet will have a much greater chance of being deeper as well. Strong and often lifelong friendships can be built, simply by asking questions that really give cause for thought.

The ultimate benefit from this in my opinion – a happier life.

Here is the video.

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